Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Online Resources for Ethics and Arts Education (#2)

Two more examples today of codes of ethics in arts education.

The first is from Iowa State’s Theatre Dept http://www.theatre.iastate.edu/aboutus.shtml). I like this first one for a couple of reasons. It is short and succinct yet it does elaborate on their core values so we can understand what they mean. It addresses faculty and staff specifically (I think you can be trapped in trying to address a code of ethics to too diverse an audience). What I most appreciate about this code is that (from an outsider’s perspective) it appears to reflect who they are. It is not boiler plate but it appears to be unique unto them. From reading this code, I have a sense of their departmental culture as well as well as their ethical guidelines. I believe that is important. Our code of ethics is a way to tell others - and remind ourselves - who we are and what we believe. Interestingly, my graduate students from last fall were not as positive as I am about this (they thought it was too touchy-feely). There you go. Ethics can be difficult to agree on.

My thanks to Maureen A. Gelchion at the Astoria Dance Centre for this reference. The Dance Educators of America has a code of ethics (available on their website at www.deadance.com under “Membership”). It has some similarity with the Music Educators of America code.

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