Thursday, February 26, 2009

Online Resources for Ethics & Arts Education (1)

To get started with online resources and references, here are two to consider.

A doctoral student, Sho Botham, has created a site about ethics and dance ( She is currently collecting data for her dissertation from professional dancers. She also has a resource page for those interested in ethical issues specific to dance education. These resources consider a variety of issues including body image and physical health of dance students. Much looks interesting to delve into.

The Music Teachers’ National Association has developed a code of ethics ( They have divided their code into three sections – “Commitment to Students”, “Commitment to Colleagues” and “Commitment to Society”. Under each of these are ethical tenets. The code focuses on how to treat others and represent one’s self as a teacher of music. I believe that in our codes we also have a responsibility to include our art form in the code. A section entitled “Commitment to Music” might offer interesting possibilities to consider our ethical responsibility to our art form.

What could our “Commitment to Music” look like? What is our ethical responsibility to music or the other art forms?

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